Everything new is new again

It’s funny that at one point I owned danomad.com. I am a digital nomad, moving from domain to domain, leaving a trail of 404s and image placeholders (I also owned placeholderzero.com… noticing a theme here?) in my wake.

In keeping with that trend, here we are again. I honestly thought IAmDanMarshall.com would be where I’d rest my digital hat, especially seeing that it was my name and all. Then I went and legally changed my name. Geez. In August 2015 I changed my name to NoOne Danger Marshall, in [preparation for|intense dedication to] my parody presidential campaign. I also really like silly puns, so IAmDanger.us was born. New name, new domain.

Like most of my personal projects, I threw this together with little regard for archiving old content. Thanks for your patience while I get everything transferred over, links updated, etc. For now you can still view my old landing page and blog, but those will eventually go away. Such is the life of a digital nomad.


Author, agitator, absurdist. Also the world's foremost openly fake politician.

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