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What happened to Katy

I apologize for not posting this sooner, there has been a lot going on in my life and to be honest my head still hasn’t stopped spinning. To say that my world has been hectic as of late would probably be the understatement of the century.

For anyone who doesn’t know (and I apologize for this being how you find out, but I’ve tried reaching out to as many people as I can think of to let them know), Katy passed away on Friday, January 14th at around 2:15AM. It was a really shocking and terrible timeline of events, and I’m going to do my best to tell the entire story as best I can. I really miss her, and I’m hoping that by putting my thoughts down it may help in the process of healing and provide me some sense of closure. Continue reading

Waiting In The Atrium

We’re waiting in the Atrium on the 5th floor at OSU. The last time I was in this room was in 1998, when my friend Chad was here in the ICU. It’s odd, because that is what started me on the path to becoming an atheist. This is the room where I decided that I was going to spend the summer reading the entire bible from cover to cover. By the time I finished, I was an atheist. Coincidentally, I just ordered this yesterday. I have decided that I am going to read the bible again, and then holy books from several other major religions (the qur’an and the bhagavad gita at least, I’m not sure what else). The last time I read the bible, I viewed it as the infallible word of god when I started reading. Needless to say, I do not hold this view anymore, and am interested to see how reading it from a different perspective may change my view of it as both literature and as a religious text.

If you identify as christian, have you actually read the entire bible? If you’re not a christian, have you read the holy books of your religion? What other religious texts do you think would be interesting to read?

What’s going on with Katy

Katy is here at OSU hospital for surgery. For those who may not know, she has been dealing with increasing pain for the last month and a half. We have been through a terrible ordeal to get it taken seriously. What started as an inconvenient pain had become excruciating to the point that she had a difficult time getting out of bed, moving, or breathing. Taking her on a car ride made me feel awful, every time we would hit a bump I would hear her gasp in pain. We ended up having to go to an urgent care on Christmas Eve. They gave her percocet, which helped manage the pain for a bit, but it proved ineffective about an hour after taking the pill. Continue reading

Is it offensive to call religion silly?

I had a conversation earlier today with someone that accused me of being offensive because I said that her beliefs are silly and akin to magic. While I can definitely see why someone might take umbrage at this statement, I’d like to actually break this down and see if calling religion silly is offensive in and of itself. Before we get in to that, let’s start with magic.

Definition of Magic (bold emphasis and [ ] comments mine)
1 a : the use of means (as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces
b : magic rites or incantations [such as prayer]
2 a : an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source
b : something that seems to cast a spell : enchantment [again, like prayer… a series of words spoken in order to achieve a desired result]

As we can see, it is far from a stretch to equate religion with magic. Religion, like magic, invokes supernatural powers to explain our creation, attribute miracles to their god, ask for rewards (both in this life and the afterlife), and even to explain the supposed resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is not offensive to equate religion with magic, it is at best a semantic argument– and a poor one at that.

What about calling religion silly? While I will admit a poor choice in words, I stand by my assessment. If I had thought about it, perhaps illogical or irrational would be a word better suited to describe my thoughts on religion. However, as these are synonyms of silly (albeit slightly less loaded), I still believe it is a fair term to use to describe a belief system that trades logic for faith. This is not to say that I believe religious people are stupid, obviously quite a few intelligent people are people of faith. I do believe that, regardless of intelligence, there is a disconnect between rational thought and religious fervor. This is considered offensive because people do not like to be called irrational.

However, the fact of the matter is that our society constantly validates belief in god. It is on our money, it was added to our pledge of allegiance during the red scare, and it permeates our culture so deeply that seeing references to christianity, faith, or religion in news, media, music, and even advertisements is a daily occurrence if you’re paying attention. An atheist saying that he or she does not believe in god and that those who do are illogical is offensive, but saying that you believe in a literal interpretation of John 14:6 and that everyone who does not agree with your religious beliefs will burn in hell somehow gets a free pass. It’s mind-bogglingly hypocritical. If you get to believe that I will burn in hell for all of time after I die, then I get to believe that you’re a bit unbalanced when it comes to your religious beliefs. I consider that a reasonable trade-off.

I’m not entirely sure where the religious persecution complex comes from– barring minor quibbles over methods and timeframes for baptism, predestination vs. free will, and whether or not statues of saints are a form of idolatry, the VAST majority of this country are in agreement that there is a personal, loving god who sent his son Jesus Chris to die for their sins. The war on Christmas, ridiculous anecdotal chain emails about religion or the bible being “banned” from public schools, the “secularization of society”– it truly seems that christians feel they are constantly under attack. No one is feeding you to lions, no one is forcing you to accept the mark of the beast in order to partake in commerce, no one is burning down your church.

That would just be silly.

Life, and other bored games

So far 2011 has been a heckuva year. I’m really sorry if my tweets and facebook status updates have been somber and melancholic as of late, things have not been ideal in my personal life. Katy has been dealing with some undefined illness (if you follow me on twitter or are friends with me on facebook, I’ll spare you the rehash– needless to say it’s been troubling, frustrating, and unresolved), our 2 month old puppy got sick, and I have been struggling with trying to get registered for classes. At this point, it looks like I’m going to have to make some student loan payments due to the ineptitude of ITT (their inability to successfully mail a transcript) and the  laziness of Franklin (their seeming lack of desire to register a new student). Money is always troublesome. There is never enough of it when you need some, and when you have a surplus it always seems to disappear. Continue reading