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My tale of Portland roommate treachery, The Finale

This will end up being the lightest entry in the saga. Want to catch up? Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the story.

Last week, I went down to the courthouse to turn in the paperwork to have Martin’s employer, Graphic Products, served with a writ of garnishment, so that the funds he owes would just be taken from his paycheck. I had turned in the form, along with a check for $35 to pay for service, and was walking out of the small claims room when I decided to use one of the computer terminals to check the status of my case. You see, parts of Oregon have not yet joined the rest of us in the 21st century. Unlike other, more civilized counties, Multnomah has no website where you can view the status of your case, rather requiring you to call or use a handful of computer terminals that look like they were already antiquated technology in 1982. Since they keep hours that would make a banker envious, I never called to get an update. Continue reading

Religion is dangerous

Still trying to stay on this writing kick. In the interest of reading more (an activity for which I struggle to find time), I’ve deleted all the games from my smartphone, and now spend my moments of boredom reading news or books on my Kindle app, rather than feverishly attempting to win a round of Angry Birds or Solitaire. I’ve also started fleshing out a story that I would eventually like to turn in to a novella. Good times are being had.

I’m still waiting to hear back from my theist friend and I hope to have a major update to my tale of Portland roommate treachery by the end of the week.

One of the books I’m currently reading is Arguments for Atheists: Secular Reasoning in the 21st CenturyIt’s only $3, so for the price I’ve found it pretty interesting. I won’t get in to too much detail about the content of the book, mainly because I’m only about halfway through, but I wanted to share one of the repeating thoughts I’ve had as a result of reading it and other recent news stories: Religion is dangerous. Continue reading

Second email from a theist friend

Click here for the first email.

Hi Dan,

First, let me apologize for the delay in answering your letter. Letter writing comes slow to me and with work, family and Church finding the time to do it is even harder. It took me well over a year to write the first letter to you. That being said I still find it to be the best method of communication for me as it gives me time to listen and reflect.

Howdy ____,

I understand busy, believe me! I’m busy enough with just work. I can imagine that having a family, with all its associated obligations, only adds to that. I wasn’t trying to hound you, merely checking to make sure that you received my response. As someone who works in technical support, I know first-hand that technology does not always function as expected. 😉 Continue reading

Email from a theist friend

Part 2 has been posted.

I recently got an email from the father of a girl that attended my high school. We all used to attend the same church. I’ve included his email below in the quoted segments, with my responses in-line. I’m posting it here in the interest of generating discussion. I received a response from him today, which I will post within the next few days, along with my reply. Continue reading

My tale of Portland roommate treachery, Part 3

Insult or awkward attempt at flirting?

Insult or awkward attempt at flirting?


Part 3, in which our intrepid protagonist gets his hardon on… 

New to the story? Catch up by reading Part 1 and Part 2 of the saga. Lots of links in this one, so get your clicking fingers ready!

I try to be a pretty easy-going guy. I like to give people plenty of chances, because I understand that sometimes life is hectic and unexpected things arise. In my opinion, that’s just part of being a decent human being. Because of this, I waited until mid-December, then sent Martin a short letter demanding payment, even listing the specific part of the Oregon Revised Statutes that he had violated. I received this long and rambling letter in response. Some things that stand out in that letter: Continue reading

My tale of Portland roommate treachery, Part 2

From Part 1:

Never before have I felt unsafe in my own home, though, until I lived with Martin Carter. I consider myself a fan of compromise; I think that the best way to resolve a conflict between two people usually exists in the space between the extremes of their arguments. As such, I’ve been able to solve problems in my life without needing to resort to litigation, until I lived with Martin Carter. Things started to take a turn for the worse when I started seeing someone, and developing a social life outside of Martin’s.

Little did I know how much worse things would get.

Hindsight is seldom actually 20/20. Continue reading

My tale of Portland roommate treachery, Part 1

Being far too long for a single post, I’ve decided to post my roommate saga in parts. What follows is meant to be taken as opinion, rather than as a statement of fact, and simply represents the events that transpired from one perspective. As always, a story has three sides: My side, his side, and the truth. I will do my best to ensure that my side is as close to the truth as I can tell it.


For those who haven’t been following along, or those who didn’t meet me until I was here in Portland, here’s a quick recap:

2011 got off to a rough start for me, to say the least. Unexpectedly single and jobless, and without much keeping me in my home state, I took a 4,000 mile journey from Ohio across the United States, ending in my new home of Portland, OR. It was a cathartic and amazing, and I wish I had more opportunities to take a month off and drive for thousands of miles. That would be the life! Continue reading