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This is both the end and the beginning

For the month of October, I wanted to kickstart my creative side by writing a post every day. I’ll be very honest, I didn’t think I would finish. I’ve struggled with follow through for my entire life. It’s not that I don’t have a passion for creating– in fact, it’s probably the one single thing that has brought me the greatest amount of joy– but rather that I tend to be easily bored and am prone to distraction.

As I get older, I find that I have more of a desire to DO something… Something worthwhile, something lasting. Maybe this is just simply an acknowledgement of my eventual demise, a desire to make an impact before I fade away into the obscurity of history, whatever you want to call it. Labels aside, I’ve taken a little bit of time each day to write something, and now I’ll be branching out to other projects. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be working on my first book, as part of NaNoWriMo. I’ve been playing guitar more, reading more, listening to podcasts. Basically trying to stimulate my mind, maybe rousing some long-dormant neurons and spurring them to activity. Continue reading

I am now officially a daywalker!

Science is not just a candle in the dark, it is the spotlight that can shine light upon the darkest corners of the human mind.

Today was my first 8am day. I had a great morning. Still woke up too damn early, but I figure it will take awhile to get acclimated to waking up later. I spent some time hanging out with the dog, then walked down to the transit center and rode the light rail in to work. Standing room only made it difficult to stand there and read, but I was able to make it through a few pages of Carl Sagan’s The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

Given the difficulty of holding a Kindle on a packed MAX, I decided that podcasts and audio books would be a good supplement to reading materials. So now, I am subscribed to the following podcasts: The Atheist Experience, The Non-Prophets, Godless Bitches, The Geologic Podcast, The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Common Sense with Dan Carlin, and the Think Atheist podcast. I’ll be looking for some audio books tonight, but I’m open to any recommendations. Same goes for podcasts. Continue reading

News from the internet

Today is my birthday. I took the day off from work, but I still plan on posting something. That said, it’s my damn birthday, so I’m taking it easy today. I figured I’d just throw together some smaller snippets to make today’s blog post.

I read a great piece this morning by JT Eberhard, I am voting for Obama. So should you.  I wish that I could make every conservative I know read every last word of this piece. It highlights several of the problems that I have with Obama, and why I’m voting for him anyway (spoiler alert: it’s because Romney would be much, much worse). I’m not happy with drones killing people halfway around the world, with the idea of people being indefinitely detained, and with how secretive his administration can be, especially since he ran on a platform of more transparent government. However, I would be just as (if not more) disappointed with these things under President Romney, and there would be the added uncertainty of having a religious zealot in the White House who wants to decimate many of the safety nets and social progress we’ve won since the early 1900s. Continue reading

A different kind of day 1

Almost 4 weeks ago I posted Day 1, the beginning of my blog-a-day goal for the month of October. In terms of raw output, this may very well end up being the most creative month of my life. In addition to getting myself into a mindset of creating, I’ve learned a lot and made several new friends along the way, and found the confidence to commit to even more writing next month.

Spending more time behind the keyboard next month presents a problem. Namely, I need to lose some weight. I wore my suit last weekend for the first time since the summer, and it was immediately apparent that I’ve probably put on at least 20 pounds since I last wore it. It was a wake-up call for me, making me realize that I have a choice behind finding something that works for me or living unhappily and likely ending up in an early grave. I’m fortunate to have a gym at work, but with my early schedule I had difficulty going in before work to use it, and I usually want to go home after my shift is over. Continue reading

My last 4am morning

Friday! Woo! This is a particularly special Friday, for a few reasons. I have Monday off, since it’s my birthday, so a three day weekend is always appreciated. More importantly, I’m moving to an 8am-5pm shift starting next Tuesday, so today is my last day coming in to work at 4am. Happy birthday to me! Continue reading

An open letter to Ann Coulter

After Monday’s debate, perennial right-wing blowhard Ann Coulter offered this compelling analysis of a 90 minute foreign policy discussion:

Ann Coulter

Erudite criticism from one of the right’s most fair and intellectually honest pundits. Just kidding, it’s actually Ann Coulter being an asshole again.

Now, Coulter is widely considered to be the real-life manifestation of an internet troll, so we can hardly be shocked when she vomits nuggets like this. Even still, her words have touched a nerve. Many people responded to her comments, calling her out for using such vile and hurtful language. Continue reading

Game of Bands

Did you know that I’m a musician? When I’m not busy fixing computers or taking awesome pictures, I’ve been known to pluck a guitar or carry a tune. As I’ve mentioned (over and over, like a broken record), I am writing a blog post each day to try and kickstart my creative side back into productivity, but sometimes typing out a blog post just isn’t enough to satisfy that urge to make something.

To satisfy that urge, I’ve been trying to find time to devote to musical projects. Within the past few weeks, I’ve been working on getting a basic home recording studio set up, and can now record guitar, bass, banjo, keys, and vocals at home. It’s still very much a work in progress, but it’s getting there. There are a few things in the pipe, including some new singles and maybe even a Happy Heathen Holidays album, if I can get it done in time. Sometimes I enjoy going out for karaoke. It’s nice to just sing without having to worry about whether or not people like the song. One of the downsides of being a songwriter, at least for me, is that it’s difficult to separate your song from your sense of self. If someone doesn’t like the song, it’s as if they don’t like a part of you. Continue reading

Day 22: Home stretch

Two thirds of the way through the month! To be frank, it has been easier to come up with daily topics than I thought it would be. Turns out there’s a lot of shit to talk about in the realms of politics and religion… Who knew?

Here’s an overview from the past week:

9 posts containing 5,581 words. I wrote about the lies told by anti-choicers, oppression, the tenacity of the human spirit, the right wing propensity toward violencenew projects on the horizon, and more.  My original goal was 15,000 words for the month, which I’ve already exceeded. I’ve written more with each passing week, and I’m proud of that accomplishment, but it’s crazy to think that I am going to need to more than double my output in order to reach the NaNoWriMo goal of 50,000 words for the month of November. This blog will definitely be taking a backseat to other writing endeavors starting November 1, so I hope you all enjoy being inundated with my daily ramblings while they last. Continue reading