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Creation “scientists” once again show their dishonesty

Have you ever heard of the Milgram Experiment? This landmark psychology study is often referenced when discussing how the common person responds to figures of authority, even if that authority is only perceived instead of real.

If you are familiar with this and other experiments like it, you will understand the reason why a group that consistently pedals bullshit might want to put forth an authoritative front, because it will make what they’re saying seem more factual to the average person. That’s exactly what the Discovery Institute has done. One of their recent videos features a biologist sitting in front of a very scientific looking laboratory. I bet they do all kinds of great research in there, like finding the name of god spelled out in DNA, or proving that dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time.

Actually, that’s not true. It’s not even their lab. No, they didn’t rent it out for the day to give their biologist a legitimate looking place to sit while she spewed her tripe. In fact, she’s sitting in front of a green screen.

It’s not like the Discovery Institute would have a need for a laboratory anyway… Turns out there’s no way to scientifically test a fantasy.

Noooooo I missed 12/12/12!

Just kidding. Besides, technically 2/2/22 is a repeating date, just with slashes in different places, and I most certainly plan to live until then.  Doesn’t always work out that way I guess, but the point I’m trying to make is that it’s all arbitrary. As many others pointed out yesterday, you won’t ever experience 12/12/12 again in your life, but 12/13/12 is just as special. Today is a day that has never occurred and will never occur again. While similar things may happen, the details of events that occur today are unlike any other.

Even your hairs were in different places as your brushed your teeth this morning (you did brush your teeth this morning, right?), unseen specks of dust swirled by invisible wind currents landing in unique configurations, flecks of dead skin replaced by new cells. You aren’t the same as you were yesterday, and you will be different tomorrow. This is the only 12/13/12 we’ve got, just like tomorrow will be the only 12/14/12 you’ll ever see.

Enjoy each day for what it is: a day unlike any other, the only one of those particular days you’ll ever have.

Can you feel the Christlove?

Hemant Mehta over at the The Friendly Atheist wrote a post yesterday about an issue close to home.

Horizon Christian Elementary, a private religious school in Tualatin, OR, which is about fifteen minutes from my house, recently told a diabetic 5th grader that she would not be welcome in class with her service dog. Religious schools have no legal compulsion to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act, and as such, this student will now be attending a public school.

Hemant put it succinctly:

The one time Anika needs support from her community the most, the school administrators just run away from her problem. It speaks volumes about their character.

Like many people who claim to follow Jesus, it seems that these people are being guided primarily by the question, “What works best for me?” instead of, “What would Jesus do?”

In other recent news on the religious private school front, a state court in Louisiana just ruled that Bobby Jindal’s pet voucher program is unconstitutional, although the ruling will almost certainly be appealed. Of course, there was an outcry earlier this year when it was made known that voucher funds could also be sent to non-christian religious schools, so anyone that’s been paying attention should already know that this program is a thinly veiled attempt to funnel tax dollars to christian coffers.

On a more personal note, people in my family have recently found my blog. Hi. I didn’t go out of my way to tell any of them about it, but it’s also not exactly like I’ve been hiding in some dark, remote corner of the internet. After all, my site is named I Am Dan Marshall, that’s about as obvious as you can get. I’ll try make things a little easier on you, and give you some links to get started. You can read an email exchange I had with an old theist friend (part 1, part 2), or about why I think many of the core aspects of religion are dangerous to both society and the individual. To the right you will see what is called a tag cloud, which is a way you can view my posts based on the subject. I’ve written over a hundred pages worth of material since I started this site, so feel free to check it out.