Creation “scientists” once again show their dishonesty

Have you ever heard of the Milgram Experiment? This landmark psychology study is often referenced when discussing how the common person responds to figures of authority, even if that authority is only perceived instead of real.

If you are familiar with this and other experiments like it, you will understand the reason why a group that consistently pedals bullshit might want to put forth an authoritative front, because it will make what they’re saying seem more factual to the average person. That’s exactly what the Discovery Institute has done. One of their recent videos features a biologist sitting in front of a very scientific looking laboratory. I bet they do all kinds of great research in there, like finding the name of god spelled out in DNA, or proving that dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time.

Actually, that’s not true. It’s not even their lab. No, they didn’t rent it out for the day to give their biologist a legitimate looking place to sit while she spewed her tripe. In fact, she’s sitting in front of a green screen.

It’s not like the Discovery Institute would have a need for a laboratory anyway… Turns out there’s no way to scientifically test a fantasy.

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