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Thoughts on Android as a platform

So I just switched back to an iPhone, after a 5 month experiment with an Android phone. I had the Samsung Nexus S, which was previously the Google flagship device. I liked it enough, although I had the Sprint version and had to go searching for the Ice Cream Sandwich update. It was definitely an improvement over Gingerbread, but I still had issues, mainly with battery life and usability of the GPS. When I switched to Android, it was done out of frustration with several things that have since been corrected in the iDevice ecosystem, the poor notification system being my main complaint.

After using a Nexus S since October, I am now gladly back to the iPhone. The Nexus, while having some cool features like NFC (though I never used it) and deep integration with Google products, especially Voice, ultimately left me yearning for a more consistent experience. In general, I find that Android as a platform does not have the UI cohesion that the iPhone has. It’s hard to put it in to words but, at the risk of sounding like a paid marketing shill, “it just works”. Continue reading