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In which Thom Hartmann destroys Eric Hovind, creationist dumbass

Eric Hovind, well known creationist idiot (not to be confused with his father Kent Hovind who’s currently serving time for tax fraud), was recently a guest on the Thom Hartmann show. I like Thom’s program a lot, but haven’t listened to him in some time. This video is definitely worth the nine minutes, if only to hear Hovind’s ridiculous assertions that evolution claims mankind evolved from rocks and bananas. It’s a claim Kent Hovind first made (see the first paragraph in this section of the wikipedia article for Kent) over ten years ago, and it’s just as intellectually dishonest now as it was then.

Jesus Christ, Marie, they're minerals

Hovind also claims that the earth’s population growth is proof of a young earth. Keep in mind that this is a high-profile media appearance, so there is no doubt Hovind is trotting out all his best arguments . . . and his best arguments are apparently that evolution teaches we come from rocks and/or bananas, and that the population growth of humanity proves that we all descended from a single family after the christian god killed everyone else in a flood. I don’t even know how to respond to the first “argument” (it’s painful to even call it that) with anything other than mockery, but if you don’t understand why the second “argument” is also profoundly stupid, here and here would be great places to start. The first link is from 1986, so it’s nice to see Hovind using arguments that were discredited only a few years after I stopped wearing diapers.

How do these sorts of hucksters–the Kent Hovinds, the Ken Hams, the Ray Comforts, and the Ron Wyatts–keep finding people who are so willing to accept the bullshit they peddle? It’s a failure of education in this country and proves that the old adage is true: apparently a sucker really is born every minute. I used to be one of those suckers until I started looking things up and realized the “proofs” these guys offered were demonstrably false. Even if you believe in this claptrap there is hope for you yet, just as there was hope for me. Realize that if we destroyed all religious holy books and every science textbook in existence, we’d some day remake all of our scientific discoveries, but no religion would ever be recreated as it had been. Educate yourself. Start here.

The gospel according to Dan, part 2


Sidenote: Goats.com is a great webcomic.

So, yesterday we went through a brief history of my involvement with christianity. Today, we’re going to go through a plain English retelling of the first two chapters of the first book of the bible. I’ll try and keep it simple and easy to understand, since others have already conducted more detailed inquiries into the scientific accuracy of Genesis. If you haven’t read the first two chapters of Genesis, ever or recently, here’s a link that will allow you to do so. If you believe that the bible is the inerrant word of god and should be taken literally, you should pay attention. If you take the Genesis account to be 100% true, it is impossible to reconcile this version of events with our current scientific understanding of the universe.

If there really were an all-powerful god who had hand-crafted the universe, the very first page of his very own book would have been a damn good place to grab your attention. Starting out with something universal, something unknowable to those who actually wrote the bible, supposedly through divine influence, would have been a great start. A few things that come to mind: Continue reading

The gospel according to Dan, part 1

Many people seem to have difficulty thinking about their beliefs from an outside perspective. It’s helpful to try though, if only to understand how other people view you. For instance, opinions of me probably range from those who think I am demon-possessed or horribly lost from a spiritual perspective, to others who may agree with me but find my manner of argument boorish or my approach too offensive. As an anti-theist, I’m used to being told that I’m being too forceful, too insistent in my scathing posts and comments about religion. I’d like to offer some insight regarding what motivates me, and why I view religion as so damaging. Continue reading

Religion is dangerous

Still trying to stay on this writing kick. In the interest of reading more (an activity for which I struggle to find time), I’ve deleted all the games from my smartphone, and now spend my moments of boredom reading news or books on my Kindle app, rather than feverishly attempting to win a round of Angry Birds or Solitaire. I’ve also started fleshing out a story that I would eventually like to turn in to a novella. Good times are being had.

I’m still waiting to hear back from my theist friend and I hope to have a major update to my tale of Portland roommate treachery by the end of the week.

One of the books I’m currently reading is Arguments for Atheists: Secular Reasoning in the 21st CenturyIt’s only $3, so for the price I’ve found it pretty interesting. I won’t get in to too much detail about the content of the book, mainly because I’m only about halfway through, but I wanted to share one of the repeating thoughts I’ve had as a result of reading it and other recent news stories: Religion is dangerous. Continue reading

Tell me all your thoughts on god

In response to an image I shared on Facebook about there being no evidence for god, a friend commented that it is also impossible to disprove god, and that many people view religious or spiritual experiences as proof that god is real. It’s something I’ve thought about often, and is a common argument. I’m going to share my thoughts here, with some edits/additions, in the hope that it might stimulate some interest or discussion. Continue reading