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Photography is not a crime

Good news!

I’ve just saved 15% or more on my car ins… ah, just kidding.

I got an email last night from Carlos Miller, one of my personal heroes and the man behind one of my favorite blogs, Photography Is Not A Crime (PINAC). The site is currently being relaunched, so that link won’t work for a few more days. I put it here for the benefit of all of my readers from the future, because at some point the link will work. Speaking of my readers from the future, I hope you’re all enjoying your jetpacks and silver spacesuits, you crazy bastards.

Anyway, back to PINAC. I’ve been reading that blog for about 5 years. Besides the tech blogs I read, it is one of the few blogs I’ve read for any significant length of time. As some of you may know, I’m a pretty liberal guy, so it’s frustrating for me to read many of the police accountability sites, since a lot of them have heavy libertarian leanings. Nothing against my libertarian friends, but it’s just not my cup of tea. Carlos is a fellow foaming-at-the-mouth leftist, so I’ve always identified with his politics beyond his goals of police accountability. I said above that the man is one of my heroes, and you may be thinking, “wow, setting the bar pretty low there, aren’t you?” Besides being a blogger, Carlos gets his feet wet, and is currently involved in a lawsuit with the Miami-Dade PD because they arrested him for no reason and allegedly deleted his camera footage. Continue reading

Once More, With Feeling

I know that I just changed my Twitter name and made it private about 5 weeks ago, but I’ve decided to change it back and to make it public again.

Briefly, here are the reasons why:

– In reading my employer’s published social media policy, I have determined that I am not in violation of said policy. Even if their interpretation of this differs from mine, I feel that I have no reasonable obligation to censor a personal account on a social site used by millions of people.

– Making my Twitter account private caused difficulty in interacting with others on the service, which is the ultimate goal of, and primary reason I use, Twitter.

– I will not willingly self-censor an obviously personal account, especially one that is followed almost primarily by people who know me personally, because any employer feels it reflects poorly on them. My life outside of my job is exactly that.

– I paid for a frickin’ domain name of pzer0.com. It’s my internet “identity”, and I’d really rather not change it, so I’m not going to.

So, I am changing my Twitter name back to @pzer0, and it is public as well. I apologize for any confusion this may cause, but I assure you it will be the last time it changes. I would rather close the account altogether than change the name again.